Promoting, Supporting and Inspiring Women in Clean Energy.

Colorado Women in Clean Energy is an initiative of CoC3E, a non-profit organization that is all-inclusive for women that wish to be involved in clean energy efforts. The organization relies on diversity in the workplace and creating a bigger networking opportunity for women who wish to become involved in sustainable energy consumerism.

Clean energy is the way the world is moving. These women are helping make that happen.

Influential Women in Clean Energy

We’ve all attended clean energy events with a lack of women speakers. Colorado C3E is collecting an open list of inspirational women speakers in clean energy. From engineers to CEOs, experts in the field are worthy of a seat on the stage. We understand that the clean energy industry is full of women, but often in public representations of the industry – panels and conference speakers – women’s expertise is under represented. We can all contribute to representing diversity in our community by building and contributing to this open list.

Speakers included on this list are industry veterans, leaders, founders, technologists, researchers, teachers and more, with diverse backgrounds from business to technical.

The hope is that this list will create awareness and give pause to those who are the voice/face of the industry – conference organizers, universities, media – and empower those organizations to make use of this list and challenge leadership when there are only males represented.

If you’re invited to speak on what will be an all-male panel, please consider recommending a female alternative. This list is a great resource for including women speakers and expand your agenda for your next clean energy industry event.

Click here to add to the Influential Women in Clean Energy list.