She’s in Power is hands-on, project-based mentorship powered by Colorado C3E. The best and brightest leading today’s clean energy industry will be paired with women who will shape the clean energy economy’s future. Our goal is to measurably reduce greenhouse gases in Fort Collins in 2020, one project at a time.

She’s in Power is seeking community partners with clean energy Power Projects to implement.

As a Power Partner, you’ll work with a She’s in Power team to get your organization’s clean energy project off the ground.

Generate excitement and advance your goals

  • Leverage a volunteer base to implement your clean energy project — this year
  • Promote workforce development by providing real-world learning opportunities
  • Attract active, engaged innovators to your organization
  • Take advantage of available programs and rebates to reduce your up-front costs
  • Support the City of Fort Collins in achieving its greenhouse gas reduction goals
  • Help bridge the gender gap in clean energy

You’ve got the power. Power Projects roll out May-November 2020.

Yes! I’d like to propose a Power Project.