Power Projects are hands-on, clean energy projects designed to make a measurable impact on greenhouse gas emissions right here in Fort Collins, including:

  • Increasing energy efficiency via energy audits and recommendations
  • Catalyzing renewable energy projects like crowdsourced solar and solar modeling
  • Generating clean energy awareness through neighborhood meetings, community events and renewable energy incentives
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The 2020 season of Power Projects will engage teams made up of Sparks (mentees), Energizers (mentors) and community partners. Get involved and help build a brighter, more sustainable world.

Be a Power Partner and implement a Power Project at your Fort Collins organization and/or home.
Be an Energizer and provide meaningful mentorship for those new to the clean energy field while implementing a Power Project.
Be a Spark and build your clean energy resume with hands-on Power Project experience under the guidance of an expert mentor.

2020 She’s in Power Projects

Select your favorite and get innovating — Power Projects roll out May-November 2020. This list will be updated as new Power Projects are added. At the end of the year, the Power Project team judged to have the most impact on reducing greenhouse gases will take home the coveted Hypatia Cup.* But when we ignite the next generation of women in clean energy, we all win.

* Hypatia was the world’s leading mathematician and astronomer of her time (4th and 5th century Egypt) and one of the earliest known women to study and teach math. Her peerless innovation is the inspiration for the Hypatia Cup.

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